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2015 Legal Innovation Index judge, Dr George Beaton of Beaton Capital, said this year’s entries are at a world-class level. “The legal services ecosystem in Australia is at last showing signs of emerging technology and business model-based innovation. This applies to both B2B and B2C providers as well the in-house demand side. This year’s entries are of the highest order, many rivalling what I am seeing in the UK and North America”, he said.

Matthew Burgess, Director, View Legal

For founding ViewLegal, a fixed price business model that leverages technology and customer-centricity to great effect. It includes the View Intellectual Property (VIP) platform which includes an adviser network and a broad range of resources for a small subscription. Every subscription includes a donation to B1G1, a great way to acknowledge some external inspiration.

Brennan Ong, Managing Director, LawAdvisor

For creating a cloud-based platform for legal information, which aims to increase accessibility to justice in empowering everyday Australians to understand, protect and enforce their legal rights and also offers work experience to students and recent graduates. It represents a marketing platform for law firms as fees are charged only once the lawyer is engaged.

Cathy Sherry, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales

For developing an online Moodle site that represents a new way for UNSW students to study land law. It will lead to better educated lawyers with a better understanding of this challenging subject.

Dominic Woolrych, Legal Product Manager, LawPath

For thinking more deeply about how clients can get the best value out of legal document automation with an accessible solution to identified problems as evidenced by the company’s products Legal Health Check and ESS.

Jo Beckett, General Manager of LexisNexis Australia congratulated the Index winners for a standout year that has seen innovative thinking and practices being embraced company-wide across so many legal organisations and teams. “2015 shows a readiness across the whole legal services profession to explore different ideas around what innovation can bring to its staff and clients, the business benefits of new service offerings, new clients, markets and more engaged staff,” she added.

“2015 is certainly the year of the democratisation of the legal process in Australia,” added Justin North, Director, Janders Dean. “We have seen so many exciting projects that demystify and provide better access to legal service for clients in a more affordable way. We are also seeing large law create dual brands with different offerings for different markets and this is a very smart move in a ‘tight’ marketplace.”

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Congratulations to all 2015 Legal Innovation Index Finalists in the Individual category.

Sarah Lynch
Founder & CEO, Bucket Orange magazine

Adi Snir
Head of Content, LegalVision

“Innovation has certainly grown from a ‘buzz word’ to a direction in which we are looking to take the business of law in Australia”, explains Jo Beckett, General Manager of LexisNexis Australia. “As a result the 2015 Legal Innovation Index has had more than double the entries of last year, with both companies and individuals presenting a fantastic array of new and re-imagined business practices, tools and ways of thinking to the local legal sector”.

“Finalists in the 2015 Index clearly demonstrate the profession’s absolute commitment to continuing to find new and dynamic ways for adding significant and previously untapped value for firms and their clients,” adds Justin North, Director, Janders Dean.

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