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08 July 2015

Guide to becoming a strategic counsel: Learning the art of engaging external solicitors

In-house counsels sometimes feel as though they play the role of double agents within a business. On one, hand they are loyal to the interests of their client, i.e. the business, and ensuring that their client obtains valuable legal advice. On the other hand, there is loyalty to one’s colleagues and the legal profession as a whole.

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31 Mar 2015

Do More With Less: Australian in-house Lawyers’ views on workplace efficiency

In-house counsel’s increasing workload and responsibilities require them to work more efficiently, whilst ensuring they deliver greater value to their organisation.

To understand how today’s in-house lawyers are responding to pressures, LexisNexis undertook a survey with 37 Australian in-house lawyers to obtain their views and experiences on key issues affecting efficiency.

This whitepaper details the crucial considerations expressed by in-house lawyers for the need to invest and harness technological tools and solutions to procure workflow efficiency.

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17 Mar 2015

The 5 Critical Steps to Legal Research

How efficient is your legal research process? When working in the fast-paced legal environment, conducting a thorough research can become challenging.

Effective, comprehensive legal research is the underpinning of almost everything Barristers do.

This whitepaper takes you back to basics: the ideal refresher guide to conducting legal research, it is designed to ensure you are covering all bases and may just be the inspiration you need for your next research.

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17 Nov 2014

Do More With Less: Australian in-house lawyers’ views on workplace efficiency

The in-house lawyer role has never been more important and challenging than it is today. As well as functioning as the legal conscience of the organisation, the in-house lawyer manages legal risk, provides important advice on a wide range of legal issues, and endeavours to deliver commercial value for the organisation. Furthermore, workload is increasing in volume and complexity in an era of cost containment.

To understand how today’s in-house lawyers are responding to these pressures, LexisNexis undertook a survey with 37 Australian in-house lawyers to obtain their views and experiences on key issues affecting efficiency.

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11 Nov 2014

In-house legal teams: Identifying and nurturing value

The LexisNexis® UK In-house Advisory Board held a discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the in-house legal profession. The topic for the meeting was how leaders of in-house functions can better understand and develop the value they deliver to their businesses. This whitepaper summarises some of the questions and thoughts that emerged during the discussion.

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25 Sep 2014

When being a good lawyer is not enough

LexisNexis spoke with over 100 in-house lawyers to understand the corporate legal landscape in real depth. Among the key themes that emerged, in-house lawyers spoke most passionately about the need to really create value for their organisations.

This whitepaper provides relevant insights into what all in-house lawyers can do to establish the vital role they play in creating value in the organisation.

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16 Sep 2014

Seven Essential Strategies

It doesn’t need to be said that clients are the most essential aspect of every legal professional’s practice — after all: no clients, no practice. But what’s often overlooked is the direct correlation between client satisfaction and your satisfaction, and the impact that your relationship with your clients can have on the success of your practice. Managing clients — their hopes, their fears, their expectations — may be the most challenging aspect of your day-to-day work — and the one thing you likely never learned in school.

We know it can be overwhelming. So we scoured the web and consulted the experts, and have come up with what we believe to be the best practices in client management for legal professionals.

Learn more in this complimentary whitepaper.

10 Sep 2014

Workflow and Productivity in the Legal Industry

The Australian legal landscape is undergoing its most intensive period of transformation since its inception. Recent years have seen new business models, aggressive mergers, international competition and emerging technologies place pressures on legal professionals to increase their efficiency capabilities.

To understand how today’s legal profession is responding to these pressures, LexisNexis undertook a comprehensive Workflow and Productivity Survey with senior lawyers and managers of Australian law firms, as well as lawyers in corporate roles, to obtain their views and experiences on key issues affecting efficiency.

Read this whitepaper to discover the findings.

01 Jul 2014

Reliable Hearsay – where Law meets New Technology

Where publishers and other businesses continue their discovery of digital and mobile opportunities, society and legislation face their own challenges when meeting new technology. This article, written by Brendan Searson, a practising lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW with 15 years’ experience in criminal law, advocates changing the law in relation to Reliable Hearsay. The author observes that this change is necessary to reflect the wider use of new technologies to record what another person says and does on the spot, such as smart phones and wearable camcorders.

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24 Jun 2014

Enabling Technology in a Small Law Office

How many times a day, as a Partner or Sole Practitioner, do you wish for less IT hassles, lower costs for equipment maintenance or enhanced productivity through the use of technology? However, you didn't get past the point of thinking about it.

It is a common notion that investing in technology will detract from your personal wealth. It might surprise you, however, that the opposite is true. Smart use of technology can actually generate more profit!

So why is it particularly difficult to get past the thinking to embrace and enable technology solutions for a small law practice?

Learn more from this complimentary whitepaper.

15 Mar 2014

In the zone: Is technology helping or hindering lawyers’ decision making?

A lawyer's success could be said to rest on a bedrock of good decisions. Equally, a successful law firm is one that is adept at good decision making across all facets of its business, whether it is picking the right argument for a matter, selecting the right law to support an argument, choosing the correct precedent, recruiting a good team, providing clients with information which is useful, ensuring your client base is made up of profitable clients, or accepting profitable matters to work on.

Discover more about smart decision making in this whitepaper.

15 Mar 2014

A Practice Owner's Hierarchy of Tasks: 12 things to stop doing to start driving more revenue

Every new law firm owner starts out doing pretty much everything. Hard work and sacrifice are part of the price of starting a new business.

But there comes a time when you need to start moving past the hard-work-and-sacrifice mentality and make your practice work for you, not the other way around. That time is sooner than most think!

So how do you make the shift from working hard to working smart?

You start by making a plan to stop doing all those things that are getting in the way of your firm's profit margins and your quality of life. That plan starts with understanding the hierarchy of tasks in every law practice.

"Every task is important, but not everyone carries equal weight on the value ladder."

"There is a finite number of YOU… working hours in a day… days in a week."

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19 Feb 2014

6 Steps to Selecting the Right Practice Management System

How profitable is my firm? Which practice areas and clients are the biggest contributors to our success? Is my contact list current? Who are our best performing partners?

If you’re having a hard time getting answers to questions like these, it’s time to select a practice management system— or replace a non-performing one.

"A quarter of small law firms do not use any form of practice management software. This increases to 40% for firms with only 1 fee earner.*"

* Survey conducted in April/May 2013 by LexisNexis with 175 Small Law firms in Australia and New Zealand.

Read this whitepaper to learn more.

13 Sep 2013

Giving Clients that Extra Sparke: How Lexis Visualfiles technology helps Sparke Helmore Lawyers offer award winning unique services to clients

Practice Management Case Study

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02 May 2013

When does an intermediary become a bad actor, and not merely an accessory?

By John Swinson, Partner in Charge, King & Wood Mallesons.

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26 Mar 2013

Re-Thinking Technology In The Law Firm: How Technology can be a trusted partner.

By Matthew Lawrence, LexisNexis Product Strategy Manager, LexisNexis Pacific.

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Measuring the In-house Legal Team

How valuable is your in-house legal team? Do you know?

Consider the practical metrics as shared by our UK LexisNexis In-house Advisory Board to discover the value of your in-house legal team. Find yourself adept in answering the following questions:

Why measure?
What to measure?
How to measure?

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The Mobile Lawyer: Knowledge Gathering in a Connected World

The intersection of three emerging technological trends – mobile technology, digital books and social media – is fundamentally changing the day-to-day workflows of every legal professional. When combined with two fundamental attributes of the profession, that ‘lawyers don’t read, they reference’ and ‘knowledge is not created but gathered’, a range of very exciting possibilities to make a lawyer’s life more manageable and productive emerges.

In this article, Frank McKenna discusses how each of these technological concepts is changing a lawyer’s working day, and how harnessing all three is creating very exciting opportunities for legal research in the digital space.

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Case Studies

05 Feb 2015

Coulter Roache

Coulter Roache is a leading regional law firm that has been in operation for more than 70 years. The 65-person firm offers a wide range of legal services including corporate and commercial law, family law, litigation and dispute resolution, property and development, wills, estates and business succession planning, and workplace relations.

Discover how Coulter Roache achieved improved productivity and efficiency gains with Lexis Affinity™ version 6.0.

05 Feb 2015

Gordon & Barry Lawyers

Gordon & Barry Lawyers is a specialist family law firm offering tailored solutions for large or small matters in a cost-conscious manner. With their professional skills that include negotiation, collaboration and litigation, they aim to develop solution-focused strategies for their clients and have harnessed the power of Lexis Affinity to help them achieve this strategic goal.

Read this case study and see how Gordon & Barry Lawyers maximised Lexis Affinity to maintain a competitive edge even with larger firms.

08 Jul 2014

Clancy Fisher Oxner & Bryant

Clancy Fisher Oxner & Bryant is a 70 year old, small law firm located in Tokoroa and primarily servicing Tokoroa, Cambridge and Putarua. The partners provide legal solutions and services for clients across an array of practice areas. The four person team is a one stop shop for the mid Waikato area. Clancy Fisher Oxner & Bryant provides legal advice on diverse practice areas including but not limited to criminal, corporate structures, trusts, farm transactions and conveyancing.

Learn how Practical Guidance helped address the firm's diverse needs in this complimentary case study.

30 May 2014

King Cain

A medium-size firm, with a team of seven practitioners who cover a broad spectrum of legal practice, selects Lexis Affinity to improve its workflows without disrupting the existing business model.

See how King Cain has improved productivity, saved time and increased profitability thanks to Lexis Affinity.

30 May 2014

Fabbian Lawyers

Fabbian Lawyers is an Adelaide-based defence practice specialising in criminal, traffic and professional regulatory and disciplinary matters. They wanted an efficient practice management system to help build their practice from the ground up.

See how Fabbian Lawyers used PCLaw to efficiently manage all aspects of the practice.


Sparke Helmore

A large law firm chooses Lexis Visualfiles to develop an innovative solution to increase efficiency within the firm and improve client engagement and delivery on critical projects.

Discover how Sparke Helmore used Visualfiles’ functionalities to enable the essential integration needed with the firm’ other systems and see how the scalable solution met the firm’s unique demands of workflow, project management and reporting requests of clients.