Smart Law: 2016 LexisNexis Roadshow Report

Technology has been a disrupting force in many industries for years now. To date, the practice of law has been relatively slow to embrace these changes, due to entrenched workplace cultures dictating how things are done and an inherent tendency for the profession to be risk averse. Despite this resistance, technology-driven change has arrived.

Based on the 2016 Legal and Regulatory Technology Survey of 751 legal practitioners, LexisNexis hosted panel discussions with industry thought leaders across Australia to incorporate the views of law firms of varying sizes, corporate legal departments, government and academia on the changing legal profession.

The role of the lawyer is changing in the face of shifting client expectations, automation of tasks and a value-driven marketplace. As well as changing the way law is practiced, technology is expanding to create new practice areas diversifying the lawyer’s portfolio and knowledge set. Yet regulations governing the profession and a conservative risk-appetite to business development are still restraining the evolving legal landscape.

The 2016 LexisNexis Roadshow Report brings together insights into how the legal profession is evolving in response to emerging technology, client obligations, business structures and altered career paths.