Continuing Professional Development

A superior on-demand CPD experience

Continuing Professional Development

Achieve your mandatory CPD units with Lexis®Learning

1 hour = 1 CPD unit

Online and on-demand

Expert presenters

Why choose a Lexis® Learning CPD course?

  • Simple to purchase and register
  • Track in-house training easily
  • Meet your CPD deadlines without a rush
  • Have confidence in  quality – expert presenters
  • Short segment structure to suit busy people
  • Convenient record keeping
  • Attain Certificates of Completion to confirm mandatory requirements are met
  • Notes and links for later reference
  • Build your course library
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant

Why choose a Lexis® Learning CPD course?

Webinar series

  • Estate Planning: a framework for advisors
  • PPSA: a guide to fearless navigation of uncharted waters
  • Mastering the Dispute Resolution Clause
  • Evidentiary issues in NSW drug prosecutions

As well as courses, Lexis® Learning offers an exciting webinar series.

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Your partner in teaching excellence

Free up your time and enhance your flexible delivery

LexisNexis supports you by providing you with a range of online learning resources when you adopt selected LexisNexis text books. These resources:


  • Save you development time by including problem and multiple choice questions with guided solutions to use in tutorials
  • Provide formative quizzes to measure student’s engagement with their texts
  • Enrich your students learning experience by providing interactive tools
  • Facilitate blended or online learning by including interactive engaging tools that are easily uploaded into your university - Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Provide significant testbanks for online assessment to help manage plagiarism
  • Support your need to enhance your online and blended delivery by partnering with you to create customized resources*
  • Are developed by expert authors who have road-tested materials in their teaching
  • Are SCORM compliant for ease of use in your university LMS
  • Provide reports on student use


Should you currently adopt a LexisNexis textbook, please do contact your Relationship Manager to inquire about accessing Our supporting online learning resources.


When the Lexis Learning icon                appears on a text book, this indicates that learning resources are available to students through a Lexis Learning web page. Otherwise resources are only available for academics to provide to their students through their own online teaching systems.


The LexisNexis team are willing to partner with universities in the development of their learning courses by providing both online learning expertise and content development capacity. Queries in relation to this may be directed to lexislearning@lexisnexis.com.au or to any of the Academic Relationship Managers.


*Fees may apply depending on the work required.


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Legal Software Solution

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Practice Management webinars

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Knowledge Network

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LexisNexis is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain

your competitive advantage.

When you choose a LexisNexis solution, you receive access to the highest quality support,

learning resources and training opportunities.

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