Alan Cullen

Areas of expertise

Academic Qualifications

Diploma of Law (Solicitors Admission Board)

Bachelor of Engineering (UNSW)

Master of Engineering Science (UNSW)

Professional Organisation

NSW Health

Alan Cullen

DipLaw, BE, MEngSc

After pursuing a career as a civil engineer in the construction industry (public and private sectors), since 1986 Alan has worked as a lawyer.

Since then, his professional employment experiences have included the provision of high-level legal and commercial advice to Government agencies (NSW Health, Department of Commerce, State Rail, RTA and Housing) and the private sector (KPMG Lawyers, Baker McKenzie, Qantas and the Australian Federation of Construction Contractors) regarding the procurement of capital works and goods & services, as well as a broad range of government service delivery functions.

Specialist legal and commercial advice to KPMG Lawyers for major government and corporate clients focused primarily on construction projects (including tenders, joint ventures and alliance contracts), contracts generally (involving intellectual property, licences, confidentiality and consultancy issues) and disputes (involving settlement of claims, arbitration, expert determination and litigation).

Alan's experiences with NSW Health, Housing and Qantas have involved a heavy focus on tendering and contracting for goods & services.

Publications and Editorial Contacts

Building Contracts Australia, Looseleaf Contact: LN ML Publishing

Professional Contact

Tel: 02 9428 1627
Mobile: 0425 343 191