Michael Sexton SC

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (Melbourne)

Master of Laws (Virginia)

Professional Organisation

Solicitor General for New South Wales

Michael Sexton SC

LLB (Hons), LLM

A graduate of the law schools of Universities of Melbourne and Virginia, Michael Sexton SC, spent some years as an academic lawyer before taking up practice at the NSW Bar. Since 1998 he has been Solicitor General for New South Wales.

He is co-author of the LexisNexis Australian Defamation Law & Practice work and the author of several books on Australian politics and history. He has been a book reviewer for 35 years, chiefly for the Sydney Morning Herald but also for a number of other journals.

In the area of public administration he has been chairman of the NSW State Rail Authority and a board member of the NSW Public Transport Authority, the NSW Library, the Sydney Writers' Festival and the University of Technology Council.

Michael was admitted to practice in Victoria in 1970.

Publications and Editorial Contacts

Australian Defamation Law & Practice, Looseleaf - contact: LN LL Publishing